A Little Spot of Home

SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL: While the office is officially closed for the duration, real estate is still going strong. Realtors adapt/overcome via technology and, sometimes, just those good old-fashioned methods.

SELLERS: Yes, we are still taking listings! We have extra measures to go through to make sure your home is not just show ready but that you are as protected as possible during showings. We are NOT conducting open houses at this time, but are doing virtual ones.

BUYERS: Yes, we are ready to help you find that dream home. Just like with our sellers, we have extra precautions for you as well as we are showing homes. We are able to also do walk thru videos for you, snap extra photos and do just about every single thing electronically.


Neighborhoods of Las Cruces is designed a little differently than typical real estate websites. It is not designed around your home search. Sure, you’ll be able to do that here but the emphasis is on getting to know our gem in the Mesilla Valley.

You’ll find:
*Neighborhood information
*Buying and selling information
*Amazing local businesses
*Things to do

And that’s the tip of the iceburg as I grow this into something I haven’t imagined yet!