Real Estate 101 – Questions from the Mailbag

What is due diligence? Why do I need to do it? Isn’t that what you’re hired to do?”

Due diligence is part of a buyers “homework” in which a buyer is asked, by me, to investigate “all pertinent facts important to that buyer”. What’s important to you? Is it schools? A church nearby? What about the crime stats?

What’s important to me and to you are going to be 2 very separate things. I may not be too concerned about having a school near my home, while a buyer with children will have that in their top 5.

Due diligence is a buyer’s opportunity to see the neighborhood in their own eyes. I will give you the sources you need to view crime stats, school ratings, and so on but it is soley a buyers decision to pass on or offer on a home that meets the necessary requirements.