Seller Safety

Yes. Seller Safety.

Once your home is on the market, Realtors who show your home will do just about everything they can to vet prospective buyer-clients. They will do the usual online search via Google, social media and other ways; they’ll chat with the lender and more. But, try as we may, there are always going to be “those” kinds of people out there.

Once you and I have completed the listing paperwork, the first thing I will want to do is walk around your home with you, with a very critical eye. Beyond the usual decluttering, I am looking for trouble spots:

*loose change/checkbooks/credit cards in offices and bedrooms
*signs that there are weapons in the home – ammo boxes, holsters
*personal paperwork out in the office or on the fridge
*keys and garage door remotes hanging on a wall/in a basket

Those are just a few things. (Have I mentioned the knife block on the kitchen counter?) People get tempted when things like these are accessable. Don’t give them a chance. You’re going to want to put away every single remote you have. Trust me.

If you are going to be living in the home while it’s listed, all showings will be by appointment only and I’ll probably ask for a 2 hour warning so that you can tidy up, get the kids and the pets in the car. Do NOT Do NOT DO NOT remain home for the showing. There are 1000 reasons, which I’ll gladly discuss.

Those appointments will usually be run through me as the middle man. I’ll get the request, will text/call you to confirm and then make the appointment. Understand this very important point: NO SHOWINGS ARE TO BE ALLOWED WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. Period. How do we know the person at your door is a Realtor? No one should be let into the home without a Realtor. You don’t know who that is standing on your doorstep. Remember, Realtor cards are easy to make. They could be anyone. All Realtors are required to access the lockbox that I install on your home. No ifs, ands or buts about it. That gives me a record on who accessed the home, and when, and if an agent didn’t show for their appointment. (It happens.)

We’ll have many more tips and requests as we list your home for your safety, and that of all of your family members. Make sure that, whomever you use to sell your home, has a safety plan in writing for you.