Sitting Down

I love sitting down with new buyers – seasoned buyers or first timers. It doesn’t matter where you are starting because our first sit down will be very similar.

Know that I, and many other Realtors require an ID of some sort to be presented from everyone who will be involved in the purchase (or selling) process. As a Realtor Safety advocate and instructor, presenting an ID is paramount to starting our safety process. Just as you have done everything to check me out online, I need to do the same. Your ID helps streamline the process a bit. It also will be sent to my Qualifying Broker to let her know who I am meeting.

“What has made you decide to buy a home”
This is an important first question. It helps me get to know you better, as well as what you hope to accomplish. Is this to upsize? Downsize? Moving to town for a job?

“When was the last time you bought a home and where?”
If you haven’t bought a home in the last 2 to 3 years, chances are that things have changed. New financing options and especially the stacks of forms we utilize to make our offers. Our New Mexico real estate forms are living documents and can change upwards of 2 to 3 times a year. Sometimes they are small changes, other times they are significant. Its in the first meeting that we start to take a look at the different forms we’ll be using.

“Have you spoken with a lender or mortgage broker?”
This is VERY important because, if you haven’t, I will insist that you do so before we even look at home on a computer. It’s the old sad real estate story: I go show you amazing homes, have you fall in love with one, then you discover that home is about $50,000 over your affordability.

Our first sit down will take place either in my office or in a public space. We do NOT go see homes until we’ve had this sit-down, or until we have had an opportunity to discuss things on the phone or video chat. (I realize that out of town buyers are a little hard to get to my favorite coffee shop.)

If you have checked the “visited a lender” box, know what you can afford and are comfortable with, chances are we’ll start scanning homes during this first sit down. You probably will walk away with your search portal set up from our local Multiple Listing Service.